Huw Jones

Huw Jones

Tuesday 6pm

Generation 80s - Huw takes you back to the decade of shoulder pads, Dallas and the Rubik's cube and plays the songs that defined the decade.

  • What’s your favourite song of all time?
  • It can depend on my mood, but probably 'Goodbye To Love' by Carpenters. It's got a bit of everything in!

  • The first album you bought?
  • I remember it being 'Parallel Lines' by Blondie, but it was probably something by Pinky & Perky!

  • What’s your favourite flavour of crisps?
  • Cheese and Onion every time

  • Who or what makes you laugh?
  • Toddlers with determination! Kathy Burke (when she's doing comedy, obviously!)

  • If you had a celebrity friend/partner who would it be?
  • Celebrity is a very loosely applied term these days, but I would like to have a leisurely lunch with Neil Tennant or Richard Carpenter.

  • The best thing about Chippenham?
  • The countryside, the space, and the fact that people have time for a chat!