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Changes to waste collection for some

The amount of waste collected for recycling has increased by 24% since the council introduced the new kerbside recycling service last year.

They regularly monitor all of their collection rounds to assess performance and efficiency and, as a result of these assessments, they need to make a small number of further changes to some of the recycling rounds.
From 28 June, 12% of Wiltshire households will have their recycling containers emptied on a different collection round.

All affected households will receive a letter advising of the upcoming changes, to be posted from 7 June.

For most affected households, their day of collection will not change, but the time of day their recycling is collected may do so.

However, approximately 5,000 households will experience a change in their collection day.

The council are only sending letters to households where there is a change in collection round timing or collection day.
Please note: this only affects recycling collections and if you do not receive a letter, there will be no changes to your recycling collections.