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Tips for staying cool in hot weather

Summer is here and while we love to lap up the sunshine, it won’t stop us moaning that we are “too hot”.

So how can we avoid feeling uncomfortable?

Here are some easy and cheap ways to keep cool in the heat. And some might surprise you.

Eat spicy foods


Although it could be the last thing you fancy, hot curries or chilli-infused meals will make you sweat.

In turn, this means your body will begin to cool itself again, and quicker.

Freeze a bottle of water


Stick a bottle of water in the freezer so you always have an ice pack handy.

When the water begins to melt it will stay cooler for longer and be the perfect antidote to a sweltering day.

Take a warm shower


While you might crave an ice-cold blast, a frosty shower will shock your body into preserving heat.

A warmer one will lower your body temperature making you feel cooler for longer.

Put deodorant on your neck


Spraying deodorant under your arms gets rid of body odours and helps keep sweat at bay, so try spritzing it on the back of your neck too.

Stops hair sticking to skin.

Keep curtains closed


Keep the curtains shut when you go out.

Avoiding as much daylight as possible getting into your home helps stop you returning to a home-made sauna.

Avoid the oven


The last thing you need on a sunny day is more heat in the house so swerve using the oven.

Prepare light, fridge-based meals such as salads and sandwiches.