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Be a team player and support our community

Wiltshire Police, along with Wiltshire Council, have teamed up to offer advice on making the most of the tournament which will be played across 11 different venues in Europe, culminating with the final on July 11 at Wembley Stadium.

While the tournament will be a welcome distraction for many, we remain in the final step of the road map out of lockdown and need to take personal responsibility as we work towards all restrictions being lifted.

We're being reminded our commitment to looking out for our communities does not stop with Covid; it also comes with drinking responsibly, not letting emotions spill over into violence, both in public places and at home, and tackling hate crime.

Wiltshire Police will play their part in ensuring an enjoyable tournament for all by working with licensed premises and the local authorities to ensure businesses and members of the public are taking the required steps to protect themselves and others from the virus, as well as increasing our presence across the county to ensure fans enjoy themselves responsibly.

While they want everyone to enjoy themselves, they are asking that we don't get carried away and create problems for our communities, many of whom won't be interested in the football.

They ask that people drink responsibly- if you do drink, plan your journey home in advance by booking a taxi or having a designated driver and violence of any kind will not be tolerated.

They also want to remind people that hate has no place in our communities and support the home nations in trying to eradicate this from sport and will tackle reports of hate crime robustly.