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Could you donate plasma?

People are needed who’ve recovered from coronavirus (COVID-19) to donate blood plasma, as part of a clinical trial to help with the national effort against the virus.

The trial will tell us how effective convalescent plasma (plasma from people who’ve had coronavirus) is for treating coronavirus patients.

What is convalescent plasma?

Blood plasma is a yellowish liquid that makes up about half your blood volume. After a virus, your plasma contains antibodies that are used to help fight infection.

Convalescent plasma is the antibody-rich plasma of someone who has recovered from a virus, in this case COVID-19.

Who can donate convalescent plasma?

Convalescent plasma can only be donated by someone who has had the virus.

Donors are needed who have had either a positive virus or antibody test. Men with symptoms only are also needed.

It is also important that donors have fully recovered from COVID-19, and that their body has had time to develop a good antibody response.

Donating plasma

Plasma donation is not the same as blood donation.

Some donors will be asked to give a blood sample for testing. Other donors will be invited to give a full plasma donation. This means we can assess more people and find high antibody donors quickly.

The process takes around 45 minutes and will separate plasma from the blood as you donate, in a process called apheresis.

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