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Top Summer Tips

No matter what you might be planning this summer, the weather may impact on your activities.

Thinking and preparing ahead can make a real difference. Here are a few simple steps that you can take to stay safe and healthy this summer, from preparing your home or business, to taking care of yourself, your family and your neighbours.

Get ready to get active

Get Ready

If you are planning to get out and about and be active this summer, check that you have all the necessary equipment that you might need depending on the weather. Think about including a water bottle, sunscreen, a sun hat or possibly some wet weather gear.

Check your house and garden


After winter, and with summer here, think about any maintenance that might need to doing around the home. If you can do so safely, check your roof and clear your guttering.

Impact from high winds

TrampoloneWith more items in the garden during the summer, think about what may be at risk from severe weather. Garden furniture and even children's toys and trampolines can fly around causing damage and potential harm and fences can become damaged too. Consider moving, tying down or storing things when strong winds or heavy rainfall is forecast.

Be prepared for hot weather


Everyone looks forward to some summer sunshine but it's worth remembering that when the temperature goes up it can present some with health risks. 

If you like spending time in your garden, plan to avoid the hottest part of the day and make sure that you have sunscreen, water and a wide brimmed hat.

Find out more in the NHS guidance on sunscreen and sun safety

Take the worry out of summer storms


We are so reliant on the internet but if a summer storm meant power and mobile phone networks were affected what would you do?

Save key documents and information in a safe place, know where you can find a torch if you need one and consider getting a separate battery charger.

Think about having the power cut helpline number (105) somewhere accessible. Find out more about dealing with a power cut

Check your vehicles is ready for summer outings

Summer Car

In summer there are often breakdowns due to cooling-related faults whether it is faulty cooling fans or a lack of coolant.

If you're planning summer outings using your car, top up your screen wash and check your tyres, coolant and oil levels. 

It is important to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape to guarantee your journeys go according to plan.

Look out for those around you


Not everyone is able to access the help or information they may require to keep them safe and well in summer. Look out for others in your community, especially older people, young children, babies and those with health risks.

If severe weather hits, there may be things that you can do to help your community. Contact your local resilience forum for more information.

Share this checklist with your neighbours and see if you can help each other prepare for what the weather might bring. Just taking time to make contact will be appreciated. 

Prepare a 'grab bag' with basic supplies


Make sure you have some basic supplies in a 'grab bag' such as bottled water, medicines, torch, radio and batteries, copies of important documents and a change of clothes.

This will help if you have to leave home quickly or your power or water are disrupted. Here's a more extensive 'grab bag' packing list.

There is more information about this available on the Government's Preparing for Emergencies page.