Jodie Guichard

Jodie Guichard


Jodie Guichard 

When are you on air? 

Every Sunday (12pm-2pm)

Tell us about your show...

Neighbourhood Creates is a celebration of Chippenham's creative scene, serving as a platform for local musicians to share their journeys with our listeners and aspiring artists alike. Each week I dive into the evolution of Chippenham's musical talent, covering everything from overcoming challenges to shaping unique sounds. We also explore musical memories shared by our town's residents and the local initiatives and venues that have made a lasting impact on our cultural landscape.

What was your first job?

Collecting glasses in Jax Bar, Chippenham – remember that place? It’s where Grounded is now. 

What was the first song you bought?

I’m not sure about the first single, but the first album I purchased with my own money was Avril Lavigne’s first studio album, 'Let Go.' I bought the CD from Woolworths, and it marked the beginning of weekly trips to spend my pocket money down the music aisle.

What has been your best/worst radio moment?

Touch wood, I haven’t had any worst moments (yet). My best moment has to be being asked to do a guest show on Bethlehem-based community station Radio Alhara.

Best thing about being a volunteer at Chippenham Hospital Radio?

It gives me the opportunity to contribute something positive to the community, develop my presenting skills, and indulge my love for music.

What are the things that really wind you up?

People who spit on the floor, littering, closed-mindedness, and the term 'YOLO.'

If you could interview just one person, dead or alive, who would it be?

Tricky question but I’m going to go with Grace Jones. She’s had such an incredible career spanning music, acting, and modelling, with a lasting cultural impact and a strong advocacy for social issues. She also has such a compelling life story, and I would love to get insights into her unique artistic processes as well. 

Favourite film:

Almost Famous 

Favourite TV show (s) as a child:

Rugrats, Art Attack, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The Powerpuff Girls

Favourite TV show (s) as an adult:

Parks and Recreation, The IT Crowd, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones 

Favourite song:

Texas - Inner Smile 

Favourite food:

This changes every day with my mood but I’m going to go with a classic spaghetti bolognaise on this occasion.  

Favourite holiday destination

Paxos, Greece and Criccieth in North Wales, its absolutely stunning! 

Favourite place in Chippenham/Wiltshire

The Old Road

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