Martin Alvis

Martin Alvis

When are you on air?

Every Tuesday 6pm to 8pm

Tell us about your show...

A blend of music past and present to help ease you into the evening blended with a fun Tv quiz, the Rough Guide to Everything, The Wonders of One's,  plus local community and hospital information.

What was your first job?

Farming, milking cows and growing crops in Malmesbury in the early 80’s

What was the first song you bought?

Buggles Video killed the radio Star, from Woolworths in Chippenham High Street.

What has been your best/worst radio moment?

Give me time and I’ll tell you!

Best thing about being a volunteer at Chippenham Hospital Radio?

The opportunity to share great music and conversation while at the same time forging closer links with the community and providing a unique bespoke service to our listeners.

What are the things that really wind you up?

People dropping rubbish and bad manners particularly when driving.

If you could interview just one person, dead or alive, who would it be?

My grandpa, love to know more about him, his time in the war and his family. Something as a child we never spoke about.

Favourite film:

Dolly Parton in the Greatest Little Whore House in Texas, great music, comedy and an all round fab film for entertainment.

Favourite TV show (s) as a child:

Blue Peter, a classic, entertaining and informative

Favourite TV show (s) as an adult:

Antiques Roadshow, as a lover of history and all things old I find the show fascinating every time and very informative.

Favourite song:

Wings- Silly Love Songs. Play it and you might understand why.

Favourite food:

Roast Lamb Dinner with all the trimmings including crispy roast potatoes and a selection of seasonal vegs.

Favourite holiday destination:

Krakow - a real life fairy tale city, magical and great place to chill on a city break.

Favourite place in Chippenham/Wiltshire:

Home of course but venturing out I love to walk my Frenchie along the river Avon and old railway line, listen to music and just chilling as I walk.


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