Don't miss the early signs of a heart attack

NHS England and NHS Improvement has launched a Heart Attack campaign. The first NHS campaign of its kind, it raises awareness of the symptoms of a heart attack and encourages anyone experiencing these symptoms to dial 999. 

Heart and circulatory disease, also known as cardiovascular disease, causes a quarter of all deaths in the UK and is the largest cause of premature mortality in deprived areas. 

While people act upon chest pain or symptoms commonly associated with cardiac arrests, heart attacks manifest themselves in different ways, and people may not recognise other symptoms (such as general feeling of unease, feeling weak or lightheaded). Chest pain can also manifest as tightness or squeezing, rather than pain.

The NHS ‘Help Us Help You’ Heart Attack campaign aims to: 

  • increase audience understanding of the symptoms of a heart attack 
  • increase intention to dial 999 if they see or experience any one of the signs
  • increase earlier presentation of heart attacks, leading to earlier treatment, and improved outcomes for patients.

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