Play your part to support health and care services

NHS and health services continue to be busy in our area, and it’s important that to know how to access the right service.

Already stretched health and care staff need to be able to provide care to those most in need, and any person arriving at hospital or calling 999 for anything less than a genuine life-threatening emergency is preventing this from happening.

At the first sign of feeling unwell, and before leaving home, you should go online to and use the question-and-answer service to pinpoint their condition and to receive tailored advice on the best course of treatment to take.

More often than not, most common health conditions, such as colds, sore throats, fever and diarrhoea and vomiting, can be managed safely at home through rest and using medicines that can be bought over the counter.

Local pharmacies can also support people suffering with a minor illness or injury, with most sites having a private consultation room in which a clinical pharmacist can carry out an assessment, offer advice on possible treatments and, if appropriate, where to go for further help.