Pack self-care essentials for a safe Summer holiday

Holidaymakers are being encouraged to pack self-care essentials to help them enjoy the summer season safely, whether at home or further afield.

The simple advice from the region’s health leaders comes as many families will be going away for the first time since the emergence of Covid-19, and at a time when NHS services are experiencing an intense level of sustained demand.

A holiday first-aid kit, which contains the usual items found in the average home’s medicine cabinet, as well as travel essentials, such as sun cream, antihistamines and plasters, can help prevent unnecessary trips to the nearest hospital emergency department or walk-in centre.

Sun-safe clothing and accessories, such as sunglasses, hats and loose-fitting clothing, should also feature on the suitcase check-list, along with painkillers, bite cream and after-sun.

Being prepared with the right kit, as well as knowing how to deal with minor illness and injury when it occurs, will mean treatment can be applied quickly and helps to ensure busy frontline NHS teams to focus their attention on people most in need of their care.

People enjoying a summer staycation are encouraged to plan ahead to see what local health facilities, such as community pharmacies, are near their resort.

Pharmacies are a great resource for people unfamiliar with their destination, as not only can pharmacists provide quick health advice without the need for a person to be registered at a nearby GP practice, they can also dispense prescriptions and advise on other over-the-counter items.

Those heading abroad are also advised to pack a first-aid kit, and to download the NHS App to their smartphone or table, so that health advice and information is instantly available whenever required.

Visit to read-up on all common summer-related illnesses and injuries, and to learn how best to manage specific symptoms.