Traffic disruption at Bridge Centre roundabout in Chippenham

Chippenham's busiest junction is causing travel issues for motorists as vital roadworks take place throughout August.

Resurfacing work, drainage repairs and the installation of new traffic lights will affect drivers using the Bridge roundabout until the end of the month.

The busy roundabout will be closed at night on weekdays, and there will be daytime temporary traffic lights while the existing permanent signals are being replaced.

The work is being done by Wiltshire Highways and began with repairs to the surface water drainage system.

These repairs will take place at night, between 7.00am and 6.00am, as will the resurfacing work, which started on Monday 1 August.

While the night-time resurfacing work is going on, the only open roads around the roundabout will be Bath Road and Avenue La Fleche. The other approaches to the centre will be closed, giving drivers the choice of going through the town centre, or a three-mile officially-recommended diversion involving Bristol Road and the A350 western bypass.

The council says no weekend work is being planned on the drainage or resurfacing projects.

It says pedestrians will be able to cross the area throughout the work, and that contractors will help motorists who require access to properties, unless the road is blocked by machinery or a surface has just been laid.

The work should be completed by 26 August.