Popular £2 bus fare promotion extended

The £2 single bus fare promotion has been extended until 30 June, so you can enjoy cheap and convenient travel until the summer.

Many single bus fares throughout Wiltshire have been capped at just £2 for both adults and concessions. If the single fare was originally less than £2, it will remain at the reduced price, and many day return tickets have also been reduced.
The promotion, which began on 1 January, is proving to be very popular in Wiltshire, with one bus operator in the county seeing more than 70,000 reduced-fare trips in the first month alone.

During the pandemic, bus usage dropped as low as 10% of pre-pandemic levels, and the government has provided unprecedented financial support totalling more than £2 billion since March 2020.

With bus patronage still at around 85 to 90% of pre-coronavirus (COVID-19) levels, there are a number of ongoing challenges for bus operators. The government is working closely with the sector on the challenges they face with changing travel patterns since the pandemic and will continue to work on delivering the National Bus Strategy.