Wiltshire Police launch knife campaign Operation Sceptre

Wiltshire Police have launched Operation Sceptre, a national initiative to tackle knife crime through a period of intensified action.

Across two weeks, they will coordinate activity which targets knife crime from the root cause right through to enforcement.

Whether it’s engaging with local communities, working with young people to dispel myths around knives or carrying out test purchases with retailers – Op Sceptre showcases the many varied and impactful ways in which Wiltshire Police is working to reduce knife crime and tackle violence.

This iteration of Op Sceptre will run for two weeks across Wiltshire, and will feature a knife surrender campaign to encourage the public, particularly young people, to hand in any knives they have in surrender bins. Chippenham's bin is in Monkton Park.

Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Wilkinson said: “The dangers of carrying a knife and the consequences being life changing and sometimes tragic cannot be over emphasised.

“The proactive work of Wiltshire Police to maintain a highly visible presence in areas where there are concerns around knife crime, underpins the Chief Constable’s priority of creating safe public spaces and my priority of reducing violence and serious harm.

“But this work needs to be supported by our early intervention team along with schools, charities, community groups, our local councils and the health service to ensure the education about the dangers of carrying a knife reaches beyond the classroom.

“Operation Sceptre is an opportunity to highlight the vital work they do on a daily basis.”

You can contact the Police on 101, through their website or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.