Help to increase recycling in Chippenham

Wiltshire Council are asking Chippenham residents for there help to recycle more by ensuring you only put the correct things into your blue-lidded bin.

They've found all sorts of things in blue-lidded bins – including nappies, knives, car parts, tools and much more.

Nappies go into your general waste bin, while knives, car parts and tools should be taken to your nearest household recycling centre.

The most common wrong item that people put into their blue-lidded bin is plastic bags – this includes carrier bags, bin bags and plastic film such as fruit bags or the film on top of meat or ready meal trays.

What you must not put in your blue-lidded bins:

  • black plastic - plastics are sorted using laser technology that can identify different plastic types. Black plastics are difficult for the equipment to detect so these cannot be separated for recycling from other materials managed at the facility, so are rejected.
  • cardboard contaminated with foodstuff e.g. takeaway pizza boxes
  • film lids from pots, tubs and trays
  • cling film
  • plastic bags, eg, carrier bags, sandwich bags, freezer bags, bin liners
  • crisp/sweet packets
  • pet food pouches
  • disposable drinks cups and plastic straws
  • compostable plastics (including cups, trays, films, and cartons) 
  • plastic packaging and polystyrene
  • plant pots (including black) - these can be taken to most household recycling centres or returned to garden centres for reuse
  • rigid plastic eg toys, garden furniture
  • boxes with plastic windows, please remove the window first
  • foil-lined cardboard tubes (eg Pringles tubes)
  • dirty cans or tins - please rinse all recyclables first
  • Clinical/medical products
  • Batteries
  • scrap metal
  • books
  • textiles
  • plastic tubes (including toothpaste, hand cream tubes)
  • shredded paper
  • coffee pods

Need help putting out your bins?

If you find it difficult to put out your rubbish and recycling bins or bags, you can apply online for an assisted collection.

For more information on recycling go to