Enjoy a safe summer holiday by stocking up on self-care essentials

As the school holidays enter full swing, families in Chippenham are being encouraged to check their medicine cabinet is stocked with essentials, and know what to pack in order to stay healthy when going away.

Keeping some medicines and first-aid essentials at home, such as painkillers, antihistamines, insect bite cream and plasters, can help families to reduce avoidable trips to the nearest hospital emergency department or walk-in centre by being able to treat minor illness and injuries at home.

Holidaymakers travelling away from home should add these items to their suitcase, along with summer essentials such as sun cream, after-sun and insect repellent.

Those who need health advice for minor illness and ailments during a UK staycation can visit their nearest pharmacy. Many have a dedicated room for confidential conversations and advice without the need for making an appointment. Some pharmacies can also dispense prescriptions and advise on other over-the counter items, without the need for a person to be registered at a nearby GP practice.

Those heading abroad are also advised to download the NHS App to their smartphone or tablet, so that health advice and information is instantly available.

Dr Amanda Webb, Chief Medical Officer, Bath and North East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire Integrated Care Board, said: “Planning ahead, being prepared and remembering all the usual holiday precautions, such as wearing sun cream, packing prescription medicine and staying hydrated, will help people enjoy their getaway, while staying safe and healthy.”

Visit www.nhs.uk to read up on all common summer-related illnesses and to learn how best to manage specific symptoms.