Community groups collect over 7,500kg of litter during 2023

Community litter picking groups across Wiltshire have collectively gathered over 7,500kg of litter so far in 2023. This equates to around 1,270 bags of litter collected by volunteers, who have supplied over 970 hours of voluntary work.

With Wiltshire Council currently spending more than £1.5m per year cleaning up litter across the county, it is estimated that the community litter picks have saved the taxpayer in the region of £32,000.

Litter picking equipment has been provided to town and parish councils and community groups by idverde, in partnership with Wiltshire Council.

Cllr Caroline Thomas, Cabinet Member for Street Scene, said: I'd like to thank all the people who are doing their bit to improve their communities by getting involved in litter picks in their local areas. The volume of litter collected and the number of hours that have been donated to this cause is fantastic - though, of course, it would be better if the litter wasn't there to collect in the first place.

Most people will dispose of their litter in a responsible way, but there are still those who don't seem to care about our county, who will throw their rubbish without a care about what happens to it. People can be prosecuted for littering, and our enforcement officers are able issue on-the-spot fixed penalty notices to anyone who is caught. This litter is not only a blot on our glorious landscapes, but also potentially harmful to wildlife and Wiltshire's environment.

We have pledged to take responsibility for the environment as part of our Business Plan, and encouraging behaviour change and reducing incidents of littering are key priorities for us. Empowering residents to take part in litter picking initiatives also means that we can spend money on other essential services instead.

Litter picking could take place as part of a daily walk or as part of a larger community clean up group. Anyone who would like information or support relating to a community litter pick should contact the Streetscene Community Engagement Manager at

To report litter in Wiltshire, people can go to