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Local Cubs support Radio Station

The Jubilee Cub group in Chippenham are going to be undertaking a sponsored 24 hour "non-technology day" in order to raise funds for Chippenham Hospital Radio. 

They are one of 3 scout groups in Chippenham and are part of the Wiltshire North district who welcome young people aged 6 to 14.

The group strives to provide a range of activities throughout the year and are very keen to contribute to the local community. Hence, you will often see them out and about or at important community events such as Christmas events or remembrance services. 

The cubs will get to choose a day to go without technology and are asking friends and family to sponsor them.

Presenter and fundraising co-ordinator, Linda Dubber, recently visited them to explain all about hospital radio and how important radio is to those in hospital, those who are alone in our community and how we are broadcasting not just in hospital but via our website, Tune In app and smart speaker, so anyone, anywhere, can listen to us. 

The cub who raises the most money will be invited into the studio during a live programme to chat to the presenter and see how radio works. 

If you'd like to support their efforts with a donation please email"